A play-based approach to preschool with two great locations.

FYC I - 773-435-9311, Email, 2411 N. Marshfield Ave | FYC II - 773-799-8064, Email, 2601 W. Armitage
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The teaching staff are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in education or a related field such as child development. We provide continuing education for the teachers through in-services and paid days off to attend professional seminars and classes. We also provide CPR and first aid classes for all full time staff members. Our teachers submit weekly, developmentally appropriate lesson plans based on the Illinois state benchmarks. In addition to providing feedback daily at drop off and pick we also offer bi-yearly written evaluations, as well as parent-teacher conference each winter. Teachers attend monthly staff meetings to keep everyone informed of school events and special projects and to ask questions, share ideas, and seek advice from other staff members. A minimum of a one year contract is mandatory for all teachers to reduce the amount of turn-over and therefore maintain consistency in the lives of our students. All full time staff are salaried and the teacher contract includes a paid vacation package and sick time which decreases the chances of teacher burn-out often found in the field of early childhood education.

Time Outdoors

We believe that time spent outdoors is crucial to young children’s growth and development. There is a Chicago Park District play lot located directly behind the facility.  The playground is used on a regular basis to allow for gross motor development.  Classes are taken outdoors daily, weather permitting. We also take advantage of local resources, such as trips to bookstores for story time and walks around the neighborhood. Bus field trips are planned for the 3-5 year old classroom and parent volunteers accompany students on the trips.  This helps ensure the safety of the children as well as fortify the connection between home and school.

Home-School Connection

For Your Child Preschool implements many programs to strengthen the home-school connection. We operate with an “open door” policy for our parents which allows for a detailed look at exactly how their child spends his days. Quarterly after school events provide parents a chance to meet other families participating in our program. After school events include activities for children to participate in with their parents.

Each classroom has an email account dedicated to that room only. This is a quick and easy way for parents to contact teachers with questions, comments or concerns. Teachers can also send emails to parents that include copies of posted lesson plans, letters concerning classroom events, and newsletters among other things.

For Your Child Preschool offers bi-annual formal written assessments and yearly parent teacher conferences.


For Your Child Preschool understands the importance of offering nutritious and safe food to children. Meals and snacks are provided by an organic catering company. Additionally, we are a nut and peanut-free facility.

Lunches are provided by Healthy Organic Kids, and are nut and peanut-free. Vegetarian options are also included with every lunch. All items are served with fresh, organic fruits and crisp, local vegetables. All pasta dishes are made with protein-enhanced pasta. Each serving contains 7g of protein.



Spanish class is offered once a week, for all ages, provided by Little Linguists.

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